House Rules

As owners we warmly welcome the tenant / tenants and their children / family, as well as any acquaintances-visitors briefly residing in the apartment. As a priority, all are expected to comply with the house rules’ agreements as listed below.

  1. It goes without saying that both entrance hall and corridors must be kept completely free at all times; therefore no objects of any kind – large or small – are allowed to be placed or stored in the common areas, neither permanently nor temporarily;

  2. It is definitely forbidden to bring into the apartment, any kind of surfboards, bicycles, steps or other large objects that may cause damage to the common areas or to the apartment;

  3. Peace and quiet of the fellow residents in the building must never be disturbed between 10 pm and 7 am due to noise in the apartment, for example caused by slamming doors, high heels stepping, radio, TV, bathroom use, etc. The same applies to the common areas as well as around the building; obviously no parties are allowed in the apartment (or on the terrace), neither by the tenant nor by his visitors;

  4. Visitors to the apartment, in numbers exceeding the fixed rental capacity of 6 people, must always have left the apartment before midnight;

  5. No dogs, cats or other animals may be brought into the apartment, neither long-term nor short-term; neither the tenant’s animals, nor the animals of any visitors;

  6. Both in the apartment and common areas, children under the age of 14 must always be accompanied – without exception – by at least 1 adult able to take on legal responsibility for the children’s supervision. It is strictly forbidden to ride roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, steps and the like in the corridors of the building or in the apartment itself;

  7. It goes without saying that it constitutes a violation of police regulations to throw food and feed for birds or other animals from the terrace or from the windows;

  8. The terrace area under no circumstances may be burdened with objects or activities potentially bothersome or potentially dangerous for the neighbours or to the environment. No mats, bathing suits, towels or any other laundry are allowed to be hung on the terrace railing, nor on ropes stretched across the terrace; any installation of satellite dishes or parabolic antennas is also prohibited;

  9. Smoking inside the apartment is not allowed; smoking on the terrace is only allowed if and when strictly observing all possible safety measures, in order to avoid any fire risk and any possible nuisance for neighbours (f.i. no smouldering butts or ashes being blown away, etc.). It is also strictly forbidden to bring into the building, any inflammable, explosive, dangerous or malodorous substances / products;

  10. Barbecue or grill is not allowed, neither on the terrace nor inside the apartment;

  11. In order to avoid any possible clogging or blockages in the toilet, sink and shower, it is prohibited to therein pour liquids or throw in objects which do not belong there, such as hygienic bandages, excess amount of toilet paper, French fries grease and/or oils, sauces or similar preparations or any other such waste;

  12. By contract, tenants themselves are responsible for the removal of their household waste from the apartment building. Household waste may never be stacked or stored in the apartment or hallway, and must therefore be cleaned up regularly; all waste must be separated per waste segment and deposited in the appropriate containers, as provided by Middelkerke City Services;

  13. Beds – including the sofa bed – must for reasons of individual hygiene and health, as well as general sanitary conditions, only be slept on with appropriate use of the bed linen brought by the tenant, being mattress covers, duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases. The ever-present, waterproof mattress protectors and pillow protectors are hygienic prerequisite and formal  guideline, and are never in any way to be damaged or removed.

  14. For your convenience and safety, we provide a private parking spot for your car during your stay, right at the back door. To enable you to open the electric gate of the fenced parking area you will receive a magnetic key that may only be used to enter your own car into the fenced parking lot. Any misuse of the parking key with the intention of enabling unauthorized persons to unlawfully occupy someone else’s private property is equivalent to a breach of contract.

  15. Your private parking spot no. 12 is administratively linked to the number plate specified by you when booking, referring to your car only. For the duration of your stay you have exclusive rights to the private parking space allocated to you. In other words: your parking spot may not be unlawfully blocked nor taken by another car during your stay, under penalty of wheel clamp and all costs resulting therefrom at the expense of the offender. The same goes for all other parking spaces on the enclosed grounds, all of which are the private property of other owners, each of them exercising full legal ownership rights.

  16. The rate stated for the final cleaning assumes that the guest is responsible for:
    – returning all objects to their proper place;
    – leaving behind clean and dry crockery, cutlery and other kitchen equipment that was used;
    – cleaning of used household appliances;
    – emptying the refrigerator;
    – emptying all rubbish bins and disposing of rubbish;
    – leave all beds as they were found on arrival.

This set of binding house rules is based on the respect for everyone’s property as well as on applicable safety parameters, both aiming to prevent any form of nuisance to neighbours, and to avoid unsafe situations, possibly occurring financial damage and all consequent compensation at the expense of the tenant. Let’s at all times try and avoid that latter part.

It is strongly recommended to have all minors also read the set of internal regulations / house rules.

It goes without saying that every tenant is expected to apply the utmost care and responsibility at all times, both inside the apartment as well as in the common areas, ‘as it befits a good family man’.

The owners wish you a very agreeable holiday stay.