Terms Of Lease

Article 1. Object

The Landlord offers for rent to the Tenant, who agrees to it, a furnished apartment for rent, located on the third floor of the Long Beach II residence with address at ZEEDIJK 22, 8430 MIDDELKERKE, mailbox 0307 and apartment number H3.

The rented property consists of the following rooms:

hall, storage room, living room with open kitchen, night hall, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, bathroom, toilet and terrace.

The rented property is equipped with the following furniture:

built-in cupboards in living room/kitchen/bedroom, corner lounge with sleeping function, coffee table, dining table with 6 chairs, bunk bed for 3 persons, box spring bed for 2 persons, 2 bedside tables, baby bed and baby high chair.

Linked to the rented property, the Tenant for the duration of his/her stay also gets access to one (1) private parking space for one (1) car,  -parking spot designated with number 12 –  in a fenced parking area located in the Sea Side residence, right at the back entrance of the Long Beach residence.

Article 2. State and inventory

The Tenant accepts the rented property in the condition it is in and declares to have received a copy of the location description and inventory, fully agreeing with its contents. Location description and inventory are an integral part of this agreement. Copy of these documents are attached to this agreement as an appendix/attachment.

In the event of any damage or missing items at the start of the rental, the Tenant has the obligation to report as such immediately (within 4 hours) to the Landlord. If the Tenant does not make any comments at the start of the rental, all damage or missing items determined by the Landlord after the end of the rental, will be irrefutably caused by the Tenant.

The Tenant undertakes to return the apartment with accompanying household effects to the Landlord in the same condition as that in which he received the property. It is not permitted to make changes or modifications to the layout of the property. Repairs must always be done with the written approval of the Landlord.

Article 3. Purpose, intent and destination

The apartment is rented out for personal use with destination holiday/seasonal rental. The apartment can accommodate up to 6 people. The Tenant expressly agrees not to exceed the maximum number of persons in the context of safety and nuisance. No persons other than close relatives or known visitors of the family may be admitted. The Tenant remains responsible at all times for the impeccable condition of the apartment; therefore, the Tenant is primarily liable for any damage caused by visitors.

The Tenant and the Landlord agree that the rented property will not serve as the principal residence of the Tenant. The Tenant undertakes not to establish his main residence in the rented property, even after signing this agreement. The Housing Rental Act will therefore not apply to this agreement.

The exercise of trade and industry or professional activities of any kind are expressly excluded. In particular, the application of any commercial lease act to this agreement is excluded.

The common areas must always be kept clear. Costs resulting from the towing or removal of objects left behind in these places by the Tenant will be charged to the Tenant.

If the Tenant fails to comply with the obligations stated in this article with regard to the destination of the property, the Landlord will consider this as a serious shortcoming on the part of the Tenant. By means of a written notice of default by registered letter, the Landlord is entitled to terminate the rental agreement immediately and unilaterally.

Article 4. Term of rent

This rental agreement is entered into for the duration of NUMBER days, commencing on DAY MONTH YEAR at HOUR, to later legally end on DAY MONTH YEAR at HOUR.

Article 5. Rental price

The rental price for the term determined in Article 4 is EUR AMOUNT.

This amount includes internet and TV services and a daily consumption of water, gas and electricity for which the fixed maximum is set as follows:

  • water: 0.5 m3 / day
  • gas: 5 m3 / day
  • electricity: 10kWh / day

The Tenant and the Landlord agree that water and gas consumption will be expressed in m3 and electricity consumption in kWh, which are the units displayed on the meters.

The Tenant agrees that any additional consumption of water, gas and electricity exceeding the above stated daily values for fixed maxima, ​​will be settled with the rental deposit paid by multiplying the additional consumption in m3 or kWh by the current market prices per m3 or kWh. All of the meters will be read both at the start of the stay and at the end of the stay, this always in the presence of the Tenant. To avoid any possible discussions later on, the quoted meter readings will be at the spot signed for agreement by both parties.

The rental deposit (see Article 5) and cleaning costs of EUR 75 are not included in the rental price and are to be paid separately. The Tenant must also provide his own linen (for beds, sofa bed, bath as well as kitchen) and consumables such as for instance dishwasher tablets, toilet paper, coffee, garbage bags, etc. Such consumables are therefore not included in the rental price.

Article 6. Rental deposit

By way of guarantee and as surety for any damage that may be caused to the apartment or to the objects that are part of the rented property, or any additional consumption of water, gas and electricity above the fixed max quota, the Tenant shall in advance or at the latest on the verge of moving into the apartment, pay the sum of EUR 250. This sum, which will not bear any interest, will be refunded to the Tenant within 14 days of the end of the stay and as soon as he can prove that:

  • all payments to be made by him have been settled in full;
  • no furniture, no object, nor protective cover has been removed, damaged or soiled; or, if the case, the damaged object has been repaired to perfection, or replaced by an identical item, fully intact; all this only after consultation with the Landlord whose written acceptance is required in this latter respect;
  • the rented property and its contents have not undergone any loss of value by inflicted damage and have been left in a crispy clean condition of impeccable hygiene (cupboards, garbage cans, refrigerator, sanitary rooms, coffee machine, (microwave) oven, dishwasher, etc.);
  • at reading the meters it so appears that the maximum values ​​of the daily consumption (see Article 4) for water, gas and electricity have not been exceeded.

The Landlord will only refund the deposit to the Tenant’s current account with which the original payment was made.
The Tenant already at this very moment undertakes to pay the surplus if it appears that the deposit paid was insufficient.

Article 7. Reservation

Reservations for the apartment can only be booked by using the website zeevakantie.be; such with the aim of avoiding double bookings.

Following his/her reservation, the Tenant will receive a rental agreement dated and signed by the Landlord, sent by e-mail. The advance owed (see Article 7) must be received by the Landlord within the specified period of 14 calendar days. With the payment of the advance, the Tenant agrees to the provisions and stipulations included in the rental agreement sent to him. Following payment of his advance, the Tenant must hand over a copy of the rental agreement signed by him, to the Landlord.

Only and solely after the actual signing of the rental agreement by both parties, and receipt of the advance due by the Tenant, the reservation is in fact finalised and thus binding for both parties.
The actual booking however, is only established when the full amount owed (advance payment + balance rent + deposit + cleaning costs) has been in full paid by the Tenant and has been received by the Landlord.

The Landlord reserves the right at all times to cancel the made reservation without giving any reason, without the Tenant being able to claim any form of compensation. In the event that payments have already been transferred by the Tenant (see Article 7), these payments will be refunded in full to the Tenant in the event of cancellation by the Landlord.

Article 8. Payment

At making a reservation, an advance payment of 40% of the rent must be made. This advance must be paid by the Tenant and received by the Landlord at the latest within 14 days after the reservation. In any other case, the rental application and any rental agreement that could have resulted from the rental application will lapse.

The remaining balance of 60% of the rental price, together with the deposit and cleaning costs, must be paid by the Tenant and received by the Landlord at the latest 30 days before the fixed start date of the stay in the apartment.

In the event that the rental agreement is concluded within 30 days before the start of the rental period, the entire rental price and additional costs are to be immediately paid in whole.

The Landlord’s obligation to provide access to the apartment is deferred until all amounts due (rent + deposit + cleaning costs) have been paid by the Tenant and received by the Landlord.

Payments must always be made by bank transfer to the current account in the name of Lievens Consulting BV with IBAN number BE70 7370 4666 4925. Both parties agree that the value date is always the date on which the paid sums were received.

In the event of overdue payment, the candidate-Tenant is in default. If payment is not made, the rental agreement will be dissolved on the day of the default and the reservation will be cancelled. The advance amount of 40% then applies as a cancellation cost for the Tenant.

Article 9. Cancellation

The stay reserved by the Tenant can be cancelled free of charge up to 90 days before the start of the stay.

In case of cancellations up to 30 days before the start of the stay, the advance amount of 40% will apply as a cancellation cost for the Tenant.

For all other cancellations less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the full rental price will apply as a cancellation cost for the Landlord. In the latter case, only the deposit and cleaning costs already paid by the Tenant can be refunded to the Tenant. Cancellations must always be reported in writing to the Landlord, in such a case of course as soon as possible.

Article 10. No subletting

The Tenant is strictly prohibited from transferring his rights to the leased property or to a part thereof, nor to sublet the rented property or part thereof.

Article 11. Access to the apartment

The Landlord himself, or someone he has authorized and appointed for this purpose, is allowed to visit the apartment during the term of the agreement, for example to carry out urgent technical interventions. This right will take into account the Tenant’s private life and be exercised in moderation.

Article 12. House rules

The Tenant hereby declares having accurately taken note of the internal regulations in force and undertakes to comply with and implement all provisions and stipulations of these house rules.

A copy of these internal regulations is attached to this agreement as an appendix.

In case any infringements are established or nuisance is caused to other residents, the Landlord reserves the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect, without prejudice to its right to pass on any damages owed to the Tenant.

Article 13. Specific Conditions

The Tenant is responsible for the property during the entire rental period and he undertakes to manage the property with due care and diligence. The Tenant is liable for damage to the property and/or household effects, caused by himself and/or by his travel companions or visitors.

The Tenant uses the apartment and its contents at his own risk. Under no circumstances can the Landlord be held liable for damage caused by or as a result of the use of the apartment and/or its contents. The Landlord is not responsible for accidents that happen in and/or around the property.

The Tenant is responsible and liable for theft of and damage to the contents when the theft takes place without traces of forced entry. In the event of theft without traces of forced entry, e.g. due to failure to close windows or doors in the absence, the Tenant is liable for the damage suffered.

The Landlord cannot be held responsible for temporary interruptions of internet, TV, electricity, gas or water supply. The Tenant can therefore not claim any compensation for such interruptions.

The Tenant undertakes to keep the apartment, as well as the common parts of the residence, smoke-free at all times. All possible costs resulting from non-compliance with this rule, such as the sounding of a fire alarm, cleaning of the household effects, etc., are at the expense of the Tenant.

No pets of any species are allowed into the apartment. Meaning, not dogs, not cats nor any other animals are to be brought into the apartment, not temporary, nor continuously. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the withholding of the deposit.

The Tenant undertakes not to remove the waterproof protective covers from the mattresses and pillowcases, not during nor after the stay.

At the start of the stay, 1 set of security keys will be handed over to the Tenant. The keys on these keychain are quite pricey. In case of loss of keys, the following amounts will be deducted from the deposit:

  • per electronic badge: 45 EUR
  • per security lock key: 100 EUR.

In the event the Tenant wishes to use the available private parking space described above in Article 1, the Tenant undertakes to provide by mail to the Landlord -no later than 2 weeks prior to the stay- the number plate of the car which the Tenant wishes to park on the offered private parking space; the Tenant undertakes to park only this vehicle and no other on the private parking. The Tenant confirms he has taken notice that it is prohibited to grant third parties unlawful access to the fenced private car park. Vehicles which are found to be illegally on the private property will in such case be subject to towing or wheel clamping, with all resulting costs in that case being borne by the Tenant.

The rate stated for the final cleaning assumes that the Tenant has previously committed to :

  • returning all objects to their proper place;
  • leaving behind hygienically clean and dry crockery, cutlery and other kitchen equipment that was used during the stay;
  • hygienic cleaning of household appliances that were used during the stay;
  • emptying and hygienic cleaning of the refrigerator;
  • emptying all garbage cans and disposing the waste;
  • leaving all beds as they were impeccably found on arrival.

Failure to comply with these house rules will result in additional cleaning costs which will be charged to the Tenant through the deposit.

Article 14. Processing of personal data

The processing of the Tenant’s personal data in the context of this agreement is subject to Regulation 2016/679 of 27th April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, as well as to the Law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data.